Like Nike

Last weekend, me and my family went to my auntie's house.
a sort of family business there...
it's ended at 3 pm, too early to go home.
so my dad asked us to stopped by at Senayan City.
we're just snacking at the food studio. this journey is pointless actually ;p

but it was not a pointless journey until I saw there's a Nike small exhibition on the 1st floor!
it's a cool spot for taking photos. yeah I was over-excited at the time.
but I'm not the only one. there's so many people who taking photos too.

lol ;p

laughing when I saw this 'BRA', it's a shortness from Brazil

with CR 7. aah wish it was true!
Portugal was my favorite team, but now I prefer Spain

The nation is in our heart

'AUS' is a shortness from Australia.
in Indonesia 'aus' means thirsty,
that's why I tried to made my face like I'm thirsty ;p

I want that three costumes!

unfortunately, there wasn't Spain booth :'(
maybe it's because Spain isn't sponsored by Nike, but Adidas.

how about your weekend guys?



15 Juni 2010 20.19

nice post ;)
berkawans yuks

  Putri Ariani

16 Juni 2010 16.53

thanks ipah :)
nice to know you!