Keep Beating Faster and Faster

it's a quick post!

1) Spain national football team will have their 1st match versus Switzerland tonight at 9 pm!
yeaaaaaaah! finally, I can fulfill my desire to watch Villa, Fabregas, Torres, and Casillas's performance! I predict the score will be 3-0 or 3-1 for Spain. well, at least Spain had to win! I give my soul to Spain! Go La Furia Roja!

2) I have to stay up until 11 pm to watch Spain. while tomorrow I have to go to UI for registering! I know I should save my energy for it, because I heard that the registering is take a very long time and I have to join the long queues! errr I can't imagine it.
I'm going to leave my house at 6 am. just hope that every little thing is gonna be alright!

3) My heart is pounding too fast when I know that tomorrow I will be the official student of University of Indonesia! alhamdulillah! and of course I will have the yellow jacket with orange makara on it :)