What About Sushi?

Last Friday, finally, I went to school.

I took my graduation photos and managed my files, also legalized it for UI's registering.
So I had to wore my white-gray uniform again. ooh how I miss it so bad :'(

well, actually I had no plan with my friends to met up at school.
but magically we arrived at the same time and met each other.
maybe God let us having some fun :)

after managing our files, we went to TIS at Tebet with Murni's car.
arrived there, we entered a resto named Sushi-ya.
I'm a bit panic when I know that we're going to eat sushi!

I tell you, honestly, this is my very first experience eating sushi (yeah call me sucks!)
because at first I think sushi is quite expensive, fishy and unpleasant.
aaand let me tell you one more thing... I can't use chopsticks! lol ;p
yeah that's embarrassing >.<

when I looked at the menu, I have no idea about it at all.
so I just ordered the same menu like my friends have ordered ;p

this is the photos :)

at Murni's car

minus Anggita (she was taking this photo)

with Hillisa a.k.a Tomat. silly pose ;p

the sushi.
but it wasn't what I ate. it contains salmon, while mine was tuna.

looks happy after had lunch
please pardon Tomat's style ;p

all photo was taken by Anggita, the master of photography-to-be

The after taste :

Sushi is very yummy! I'm addicted to it from now on!
and about the price, in Sushi-ya, the price is very affordable.
the place is cool to hang out and the waiters are totally cute and handsome ;p