Amazing Race

Yesterday was an amazing day!

June 3rd it's Anggita's birthday while May 22nd it's Myka's
because their birthday is contagius, so they treat us yesterday. horray!

actually, we've planned to went to Plaza Semanggi by taxi.
but, random thoughts came and tadaaa finally we ended up with PIM!

we are 6 girls in one taxi. luckily, I sat on the front seat beside the driver.
so I don't need to feel situation like this...

LOL ;)

arrived there, we were looking for a restaurant that have a great view and comfy.
then we decided to had lunch at Solaria (again for me!) -look at my post below-

we were really having fun here. funny chit-chat with my silly friends as always.
check out the evidence ;)

The birthday girls are on the center of these photos :)

ridiculous, silly, hilarious, and happy!

the view

My Tofu Seafood with Rice

playing with Anggita's new SLR

after filled our stomach, we walking around the mall. but we didn't buy anything ;p
it was still 4 p.m and it's not climax if we just go home.
crazy idea came and we went to Monas by Transjakarta Bus!
FYI, none of us know about the route and we just encourage ourselves to do that.

at the Transjakarta Bus Stop

at first, we still enjoyed the trip. PIM to Grogol is pretty far. I almost sleep there...
the officer of Transjakarta Bus told us to stopped at Grogol and transit at Harmoni.
so, yes, we obeyed him and stopped at Grogol.
buuuut, the queue is very long. hmm so we have to be patient.

the bus came and we're hurried to enter the bus.
oh my God, the passanger is too crowded.
me and my 5 friends had to stand for 30 minutes, because there's a traffic jam.
as you know that I am short, and my head is equal with boy in my front's armpit! errggh!
luckily, I don't smell any stinky scent because I got a cold ;)

finally, we arrived at Harmoni. we felt relief for a minute... the journey wasn't over yet. we had to take the bus again to reach Monas. but we saw the long queue again! oh no!

we decided to quit, because we can't take it anymore. we stopped a taxi and asked the driver to took us to Monas. and finally we made it...

pheuw... we're very tired. sweating anywhere.
night came and Monas looks quite dangerous for girls like us, so we walked to Istiqlal Mosque.
we did Sholat Isha together and 15 minutes later Anggita's mom and dad pick us up.

I called this journey with 'Amazing Race'.
because we almost explore the whole Jakarta.
started from Pangkalan Jati (East Jakarta)-PIM (South)-Grogol(West)-Monas(Center)!

It's memorable :)

thanks Anggita, Myka, Kiky, Dhira and Santi!