Everything at Bandung

Heeey! Sorry for breaking my own promise to update this blog on Sunday.
I just feel tired and a bit boring of this routine.
but! my sense of blogging is arise again! yiippie!

Okay, this is what I got from Bandung.
Actually, the main purpose to go there is to attending my relation's wedding.
hmm I don't even know who they are but that's okay, I still want refreshing :)

a box full of cheese stick accompany me during the journey

that's why my face is getting chubbier and become such a narcissistic!


arrived at my aunty's house at Buah Batu, we had lunch and my youthful aunt suggested my mom and I to visiting Pasar Kosambi. It's well-known as a market that sell traditional snacks made in Bandung. Hmm my mom bought many snacks and ended it up with two big plastics!

Then my aunt drove us to 'Black Market'. a strange name. what is that?
my aunt said that, "You're not Bandung's people until you visit this place" haha.
I thought it's such a electronic market that provides electronic thingy with affordable prices.
but I was totally wroooong.

'Black Market' is a one stop entertainment. There's two place to eat, Black Market itself and one named Nanny's Pavillion. Beside it there's a fashion gallery, but the price is pretty expensive for me.

the place is cool for hanging out.
the decoration is homy and comfy.

Tahu Gejrot is my favorite here. yummy!

We ordered lumpia, chicken satay, and pisang brintik or what... I forget about the name.
it's kinda unique. it's a fried banana, cover with bread flour. they poured some roasted sugar but not melt like a caramel. and the toppings are cheese and chocolate. yum!
I want to eat it again!

It's true that Bandung is like heaven on earth for the food lovers.
back from Black Market, my aunt bought me a box of brownies. oh noooo, my tummy!

For the dinner we went to Cibiuk, the Sundanese resto. yeah it's all about food again!


It's time for the wedding's reception. it was held at 11 am at Pusdai building.

The wedding's hall

a series of traditional dances

I like the dancer's costume :)

the groom and the bride

after watching the dances, I directly escaped to the food stands.
ooh they are soo many!
there's lasagna, grilled ribs, beef tongue with cheese sauce, tom yam, and many mooore!
really pleased my appetite ;)

my favorite!

okay that's the end of my journey!
come visit Bandung ;)