Full Of Movies!

Long holiday without any activities make it feels super booooooring!
Luckily, last Thursday (yea I know it's too late to post it..) my lovely friend, Vicky, asked me to came to her house and watched many VCDs with her.

hmmm it's not a bad idea and worth to try!

Sooo finally we met up at 9, but I was late hehe.

we decided to rent the VCDs than buy pirated DVDs. it's a crime anyway ;)

but what happened was the VCD's Rental was not open yet!

errr. so we had to waited for 45 minutes....

well, actually we really wanted to watch '500 Days of Summer', but the rental didn't have it.

sooo after the difficult hunt...

we rent :

oops! noo we didn't choose it! haha. I just 'love' the cover. how silly...

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

The Proposal

13 Going on 30

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

what a good choice ;) We're confused which one should be watched first, soo Vicky made 4 paper rolls, shuffled it all, and picked one of it. haha sound like 'arisan' ;p

aaaand ladies and gentlemen... the first one is....

I'd love to write a lil review about it :)

It's crystal clear that this movie told us about Chihuahua that lived in Beverly Hills.
The main dog is the white tiny one. Her name is Chloe.
Her master is such a billionaire and she loves Chloe very much.
Chloe often go to salon and have so many exclusive clothes, even she wear Chanel no. 5 perfume! lol ;)
one day, her master have to go somewhere.
She asked her cousin to take care of Chloe.
But then the cousing bring Chloe to Mexico, and this is how everything's started.

This is such a very cute film! and it's a perfect film for family day :)

The Best Part :
When Chloe walk along with Delgado and finally saved by Papi!

After Taste :
I want to own a chihuahua like thisssss!

The second one is...

There's a girl named Jenna Rink. She is 13 years old.
She is an ordinary girl but she obsessed with Six Chicks gank.
On her 13th birthday, her bestfriend, Matt, give her a cute doll house and a magic dust.
She wish that she was a 30 years old flirty woman.
Then, Jenna woke up as 30 years old woman as she wish!

Conclusion :
I love the story. It makes me realize that time is really precious thing.
it can be rewind even skipped. be thankful!

The Best Part :
When Jenna comes to Matt's house right before he marry his gf.
OMG it's touching :')

After Taste :
Wish that the magic dust is real and googling about Mark Rufallo (Matt)!
he's soooo charming ;)

and the last one is....

It's about Flint Lockwood who has ambition to become an inventor to save his city from 'sardines attack'. He makes many experiments and invent many useless things.
One day he successfully make the resident of his city surprised of his invention. He makes a machine that will make food rain!

Conclusion :
I can say that this is the best and the funniest cartoon movie I've ever watched (after Kung Fu Panda)!

The Best Part :
ALL scene! haha.

After Taste :
I really want to feel the food rain and I want to meet Manny the silly cameraman and have Steve the monkey!

and here's us after watching the movies

wow! it was a very looooong post :)