Don't Have Any Sisters


have you guys watched this movie?
if you haven't, you better search it at DVD rentals or just buy it!
this one is really amazing.

check the trailer out!

Yeah, that's titled 'My Sister's Keeper'
it was an old movie, but really worth to watch.
thanks to Mrs. Ayu, an English conversation's teacher in my school who had already played this movie to my class.

well this is about a
13-year-old girl who has a sister. Her sister is suffers from some kinds of cancer. Since she was a child, she had to be a donor to save her sister's life. well, I'm not great enough to write some review, sooo if you guys want to read the full review, click here

my opinion about this movie is... oh my God... it's touching my deepest heart!
the story is very sad and make you realize that we have to be thankful of what God gives to us.

Hope it will be useful for you all :)