This is your daughter.

My lovely Mom and Dad,
I would like to ask you a question.

Do you love me?
Hope you answer : "Yes, we do love you!"

Then, if you love me, would you like to but me this items?

this is my wishlist.
maybe my birthday is on August, but... it's okay, right?

Here it is the description:

1) Black jumpsuit. aaaah I want it since 2 years agooo! lol.
2) Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia). Hope I can study there! Amiiiin!
3) Swimming. yeah! I need to swimming, so I hope I can be taller and slimmer!
4) Camera digital (to die for!). I need it, so I can capture every moments in my life.
5) Bangles. I love to collect it recently. buut I want it more, especially with animal pattern!
6) Black wedges heels. Because I want to looks taller (see how desperate I am?)
7) Dark blue skinny jeans. To improve the style of my daily life :)

I wish and I hope I can possess it all in this 2 weeks.