Tidy Up!

Holla :)

Yesterday my father is in the mood for 'tidy up day'!
ohh and it becomes bad news, because he asked me to do the same thing!

I'm so lazy to did it, buuut I won't regret it
because, I saw many historical things! haha.

I found many letters, drawings, photos, and my childhood stuffs!
it's quite funny :)

There's also many books, like fairy tale, novel even library books that I don't return it back! lol.
it's too much, sooo I decided to give some of it to a library near my house.
I hope it will be useful :)

The books

My creepy drawing and my little diary :)

ohh yah!
I found my mom and dad's 'toga'!
you know 'toga'? 'toga' is such a black long dress. it usually worn if you graduated from a university.
and, I interested to wear it!

Look! Am I fit with this? haha.

Oh sorry for my dumb face :)