Quit Smoking!

I wonder how stupid those people who like to smoking!

I write about it, because today, in my journey to went home, I found that the driver of 'angkot' that I'm in was smoking! I really hate smoking people! Especially the smoke!

The smoke makes me harder to breath, and it also poisonous!

The effect of smoking is horrible too....
smokers can infected by many diseases.
look at this scary pict!

it must be very painful!
it destroy our body!

the ordinary 'no smoking' sign.
but it doesn't work at much.

what if Indonesia use this funny sign to replace the old one?

what do u think? :)

and thank God!
there are many people that still care about this issue.
just like this innovation!

This is a jacket that can warn its wearer when they are smoking.
there is lungs picture on it.
if the wearer smokes, the lungs fill up with the cigarette smoke and become darken.

it's good to describe how cigarette smoke attack our lungs.

for more info about this jacket, click here!

Sooo please,
keep our body healthy by stay away from cigarette and quit smoking!