remember what I told u that I have an art project?
tomorrow is the show!!!

and I'm not ready for it! even all the member of the choir!
why did it happen?

because we don't practice at much.
now, I finally realize the meaning of phrase : "Practice makes perfect".

yahh... just wish me luck tomorrow!

skip to another story..
I had guy friend. just called him 'Red'. We're not too close, but we usually share and laugh together.
buuut, the situation getting colder now.

He never smile at me again, he never talk to me again, even just look at me.
hmmhh he used to be friendly and cheerful.

What happened with u? Did I make any mistakes?

I had last conversation with him a week ago.
maybe he mad at me because I didn't give him my answer when we did the examination?

oohh my God.
'Red', I'm sorry :(
why can't we be friend like we were yesterday?

It's just for u, 'Red'!

I'm sorry!