I'm happy If they're in trouble!

maybe the title describe me like an evil, but I think it's normal, because 'they' deserve it!


I'm not gonna tell 'their' mistakes, because I still have a heart. I'm not that cruel.

basically, 'they' have been humiliating in front of many people!
I just can stare at u and put a big smile on my face!

YESS! I'm very happy!

That's what u got if u make trouble with me!

Enjoy that shame!

Oh poor u! Even this chimpanzee laughed and sticking out it tongue at u!

p.s :
money does ruin my life agaaaaaiiiinn! Fuk yeh!

and the art project has been canceled.
the real show is on Thursday, hmm at least I can prepare my voice better.
and one more!
my lovely wooden ring, that I bought last month, has gone!!!
I can't find it anywhere ;(