Anggita's birthday at Grand Indonesia

oooow, almost 3 days I'm not sign in and posts anything on this blog.

sorry, I just feel tired this week, and the only day which I can use as my relax time is just Monday!

aaand, it's a little too late for me to write about what happened 2 days ago, but I always believe in 'better late than never', sooo.... keep reading :)

My lovely friend, Anggita, celebrated her sweet seventeen birthday at Grand Indonesia.
Actually, Myka and Anggita had written about it too on their blog, but I don't care... haha

We had lunch together. I chose fried calamary with tar tar sauce plus a plate of rice. hmm yummy!

After that, we were taking many pictures at the mall.
This was my first experience visiting Grand Indonesia (call me lame!) and I think it's great.
On the highest floor, there's so many objects that u can capture with ur cam.
the arsitechture is amazing. soo pardon us if we're become such a narcissist!

It was a great day, I thanked Anggita a lot but it's still not enough, I think I should give her a present. So does Myka. yeaaa just wait for it :)

p.s :
next birthday around my close friends is me! I hope this seventeen birthday would be the greatest birthday ever. I haven't prepared or think about celebrating my birthday. It's August 27, and when I look at the calendar, it's first week on fasting month! soo... maybe I'm not gonna throw a big party. maybe make a little dinner with kids in orphanage. isn't that sweet?