Welcome my dear friends :)

this holiday is like a crap!
nothing to do and killed by the boring day!

but, lucky me!

kemarin, Retta sama Nadya, bersedia main ke rumah gw. yeay!

Mereka ini temen gw dari SMP. Alhamdulillah ga lose contact sampe sekarang.
I hope we can keep this friendship until the end of time :)

just as usual, kalo cewek ketemuan pasti langsung ngobrol-ngobrol dehh.
we share about love, problem, school, funny things, anything!
they make my day :)

at the end, we take photos together on my webcam.

guess how much picture we've taken for a day?

more than 200 photos! euww.. what a great narcissist! haha

I lorrrve you girls :)
can't wait for the next meeting!