home alone, again!

I don't wanna talk about 'Home Alone' film.

ohh no, thanks!

I want to talk about the situation that happen to me today.

yeahh.. i'm home alone.

my mom accompany my aunt to the hospital (again!)

and my dad, as usual, go to his office, earn money for my family.

ohh God, it's holiday. I'm home alone. what a great pleasure?! huh.

buut, just look at the bright side. I'm a narcissist. and I do love singing.


I decided to browsing songs on my number one website, youtube! (not redtube, don't u ever open it! 'cause I'd do. and really, the videos were horrible!)

and, I don't know why, this week i'm craving for having a karaoke time.

I feel like i want to sing-a-long alooong day.

and I search all my favourite songs in karaoke version.

and tadaaa! waw. I found so many beautiful soongs!

And I really satisfy with my voice. haha.

someday, i want to be a singer. haha. hey, i'm not kidding u. it's real. it's my dream when I was a child.

haha. singer?

yeahh. i wish someday...

hmm. that's all for now :)