Katy Perry, The American Sweetheart!

Let me introduce you, my favourite girl now...

Katy Perry!


Have u ever heard a controversial song titled "I Kissed a Girl"?
Yepp, that's right, baby... Katy Perry is the singer of that song!

I heart her soooo much! I wish the object 'girl' on her song was me! *kidding :)
I can't stop listening to her song lately...

So, who is Katy Perry?

Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, Katy Perry is just her stage name.
At the beginning, she use Katy Hudson as her stage name, but she changed it because it was too close with Kate Hudson, a film actress.
She was born on October 25, 1984 on California, USA.
She is a singer and song-writer. She can play a guitar.

Skip to her album...

One Of The Boys

This is not her first album, she has released a self-titled gospel rock album in 2001. Then, she has some collaboration with some musician, and once she join with a band named "The Matrix".

I try to review this album...

This album contains 12 songs.
Most of her songs is tell about love.
The lyrics are so unique and funny, it's not boring as another love songs.

Recommended Songs:

  1. I Kissed a Girl
  2. Hot 'n Cold
  3. Ur So gay
  4. Thinking of You (this one is my favo!)
  5. Mannequin
So, just buy her album! :)

How about her stage act? her style?

I can say that her style is vintage and colourful.


1st pic: she wear tuxedo as a boy and dress as a girl. how unique!
2nd pic: girly dress but that oversize bow is too big...
3rd pic: she declared she was an Obama fanatic
4th pic: cute, with her name on that tiny dress
5th pic: she looks like a lady on that dress, but i think it's better if she doesn't show off her boobs :)

1st pic: hmm she looks like pregnant, does she?
2nd pic: the dress is absurd! it's so unique. but I wonder how can she sits down when she wears it?
3rd pic: glam dress! the big cherry sweeten her looks :)

I really love her :)
but, she has a problem with Lily Allen.
it's because Katy Perry said to media that she just like Lily Allen but in skinnier version...
most of my friends don't like Katy Perry because of it.
hmmm i believe that it's just an accident or slip of tongue...

Well, that's all my review about Katy Perry :)

Go Katy Go!