My English Club :)

Today, finally English club has meeting again, after 3 weeks I abolish it.

I told all members to come to school at 8 sharp, buttt.... I just arrived at school 30 minutes later...
hmmm... what a bad leader!

honestly, i confused about what program should I apply today...
Vicky, my vice, advice me "why don't we gave them some test? about tenses maybe?"
I said "Okay!", because eeeh eeeh there's nothing else I can say...

the test is about the using of 'as if & as though'
honestly again, I don't even know about it at all...

after this test, we play UNO to refresh our mind.
but it's different, I named it UNO in English club rule! :)

the rule is:
if u put the yellow card, u should mention English words which starts from "Y", red card starts from "R", blue card starts from "B", and green card starts with "G".


playing UNO :)
thanks for vino, the only boy between us, for taking this photo. 

The Result...
I'm the 3rd winner... oh that's shameful :( but it's okay...

using UNO card to show everyone the date of my birthday. hihi.