24th April 1989

what happened on 24th April 1989?

a boy was born in Jakarta, his name is Adrian Ramadhan.
and yepp! he's my brother :)

today is his 20th b'day! waw waw waw!

but I don't make a surprise or prepare any gifts for him.
because I don't have money to afford him. sorry, my bro ;)

I'd love to give him a birthday cake.
but which one that best for my brother?

I found many weird cake.

First, this cockroach cake.
looks so yucky!
I lost my appetite! weks!

Oh my God, I want to know the taste of that brown thingy!


look at the flies! they look like real!
I wonder how bad that taste! yucky!

well, it's like watching SAW.


Girl in a cake. hmm I bet he love it very much!

Or, this one?

F.Y.I, he studies about computer in his college. sooo would it be nice if I give this cake, huh?


haha. whatever it is, I just want my brother become smarter, more diligent, and always healthy.

Amiin :)

Once again, Happy B'day My Brother!