iseng iseng ;)

hmmhh.. i have nothing to say right now...
I don't know... i feel so unlucky this week...
problems, tears, sadness.... ;(

so... I try to cheer myself up by showing u this weird photos.
enjoy this airhead face!

this is me as Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Wardolf
which one suit the most? haha.

haha, my face just look like the real garfield even worse!

my friends said that i'm fat as Po, the panda
so I think it would be nice if I match my face with Po's body ;)

Which one is the real Katy Perry? I know, it's so hard for u to distinguish it, rite? haha!

u can make it by urself, just click here!


waw! when will my body can shape like that?

rambo or mambo?

want to make ur face looks like this? click here!

haha. that's all for now.

see ya for the next post!