Pasar Senen!

well... well...

heyya :)


Tuesday, March 31 2009

Destination : Pasar Senen, Jakarta Pusat

Partner : Dhya, Mira, Myka, Anggita, Santi, Tomat

Looking for : Vintage Dress, Oversize Cardigan, Skirts, Animal Print Things

After walking around and searching for any clothes,

I want to show u what I got from this hunting!

tadaaa... I found this (I think) edgy dress!

I love houndstooth very much :)
And the hoodie makes it more perfect!

U know what? first thought in my mind is.. "waw, I will look like Lady GaGa!"

haha. weird!

Lady GaGa is so futuristic, and me? fantastic! haha.

But, my mother doesn't like it.

She said "I bet u won't wear it!" huh
Try to guess the price of this dress...
It's only Rp. 15.000! euww... lucky me ;)

then, I found (finally!) clothes with animal pattern! euuwww.

Doesn't look special if u see it in this photo. but, i really heart it!

the seller is freak, by the way.

When I tried to bargain the price of it, he was telling me that he will deal the price if... I gave him my simple bracelet. strange, right? he tried to take it for me, but I refused it. Hey, it's my friend's gift!

but finally, the seller deal the price without take my bracelet. Thank God... I still wonder why does he wants my bracelet so much?

Dhya and Tomat said that maybe he want to 'pelet' me (make someone love u with some dark magic). haha. i just laughed.
It's Rp.10.000,-. Worth it, rite?

last, i got the monochrome skirt!

it's simple, but it catches my eyes :)

Hmm... finally I realized that I just bought the monochrome colour clothes.




hmmm. what happen to me?
Is it the best colour to describe the condition of my heart now? haha.
I can't wait for the next 'Senen Trip'!