August Wishes

Today is 25th of August, which is ... 2 days to go to my 19th birthdaaaaaay!

Wow, time flies so fast. I 'm surprised that 19, is going to be my age soon.
Every birthday girls have their own birthday wishes. Just like me, I have so many wishes, even the impossible one like 'God, could you please send me Brendon Urie or Darren Criss on my bday?'

Well, let's just count on the realistic wishes, here it is my b'day's wishlist, in case some of you want to send me gifts, but have no clue what to choose :P

Batwing Cardigan (black or navy blue)

source : polyvore

Women's Converse Light Skimmer Shoes (White)


Leather Bags (Brown, Broken White or Black)

source: polyvore

Color-blocking Tops

source: polyvore

yeah, those are the things that I really really want to possess...
hope that I can buy it all, or maybe there's one who cares to afford it all? ;)

and last but not least, the last wishes is... a boyfriend, maybe?
lol, it sounds desperate, just ignore it then :P



25 Agustus 2011 23.30

hmmm....hadiahnya doa aja yaaah,

may all the best always come to you putriii....termasuk BF yaa,hahaha