What Would Gaga Do

okay, have you watched MTV VMA 2010?
well, actually I didn't watch it live, but watch it from web...
Lady Gaga won 8 awards! wooow, what a monster!

if there's an award, there's must be a red carpet right? (even for this VMA they replaced it with white carpet). I really want to expose what was Lady Gaga wearing, you know, this lady always make many people curious about her style...

wearing Alexander McQueen's dress and shoes.
with all the fur on her head.
edgy and not weird. good job Gaga...

All black long dress.
with the spiky breasts and spiky headband.
okay, still normal

this is Lady Gaga wearing... wait! what was that?
a meat dress? wore at big event like VMA?
I think it's not a good pick, sorry Gaga...

at first I think it's not real, but I read one article and it's shocked me that it made from a real meat! how could the designer made it? was it comfortable? did it smell?
hmm you can check the answer here

what's next Gaga? Tampon dress? Snail dress? No offense, Gaga...
okay, whatever it is, please wear clothes like a normal person :)