Holy Day and Spending Money

hey guys!
how was your lebaran? is it fun, memorable or even sucks?
whatever it was, just be thankful because Allah still let us to enjoy this holy day :)

during the lebaran, I was just traveling around to my families' and relatives' houses. Most of them were still in Jakarta, the furthest is in Bandung.
three things about this lebaran that I love so much are...
1st, many of my families said that I look slimmer. waaaa I'm so happy to hear that ;)
I don't care if they were lying or just try to cheer me up. SLIMMER is a very good word!
2nd, when I appear in front of my big family, they always repeat the same sentence, "so now you are a student of University of Indonesia!". aaaw I felt so happy when they said it to me. call me too much or what, but there's a satisfaction when I hear it :)
3rd, if you hear the word 'lebaran' then the next thing that coming out in your head should be THR right? haha. just admit that everyone must be hoping for it. in my case, alhamdulillah, the amount of my THR is quite good but I can't tell how much it is ;p

just yesterday, my THR has gone -____-
I went to Blok M and started to bought many things brutally.
I bought 3 blouses, 2 watches, a basic top, a necklace, and a pair of flat shoes..
oh noooooooo, the money that left is just a quarter of it :'(
but, that's okay, I'm satisfied with my shopping cart!

well, take a look of what I got...

3 blouses with flower pattern.
I've been craving for it for a loooong looong ago!
hmm I think it can be my gear to go to campus ;)

a white and a pink watches.
it's a fake for sure lol ;p

and the rest haven't captured yet...