Bang! Bang! You're Dead!

I just wanna tell you that I have my bangs cut :)
I wanna do it since 2 months ago but just yesterday I can made it.

I didn't go to any salon. I asked my mom to cut my bangs
it didn't take any costs-that's my reason ;)

but it's a consequence of trusting my mom too much,
I think my bangs become too short! rrerr -___-
I pray for my bangs to grow faster...

I can make two style of bangs.
I think I prefer the second one, but my mom keep told me that it makes my face chubbier.
so I think I'm going to use the first one...

well, me myself realize that I look like a 10 years old girl with this style...
so childish. I can't believe that I'm going to continue my study to university next 2 months!


  dr. B

9 Juni 2010 21.10

u look cute :)


10 Juni 2010 13.28

agree with dr.B

  Putri Ariani

10 Juni 2010 19.41

awww thanks dr. B and vicky ;D