English Club's Gathering

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I was attending to English Club's gathering at Burger and Grill, Kalimalang.
Well, I hate that place. I dislike the service, the waiters are unfriendly and annoying!
-okay skip that bad moment-

Actually, we've planned to met up at 4 pm.
Me who just went back from my aunt's home for taking my kebaya (yay! finally done), was afraid if I'm a bit late. buuut you know whaaat? when I arrived at 4.10 pm, no one has come yet!
but in the next minutes they finally came one by one.

well, it was a great night.
many English Club's former came.
we chatted and laughed about anything.

taken by Ka Dandy (the only boy who came)
when the seniors didn't come yet.

Oops! Pardon my chubby cheeks ;(

I was ordered a Blueberry Pancake.
The taste is not as good as its look.
and it makes my stomach full quickly.

until the night came...

This is the end of our rendezvous.
Some has left, but we stayed up until 9 pm
just a random fact, most of members of EC can be accepted in the university that they want!
(and mostly in state university!)

from left to right :
Ka Nita (Management UI), Ka Dixie (Psychology UI), Ka Dandy (Economy UGM), Ka Sasha (Communication UI), Me (Communication UI), and Vicky (Chemical Engineering IPB).




3 Mei 2010 15.51

seems good. and tasty :p
lol, i think youre so cute with chubby cheeks :), sometimes i just envy about it, because being so skinny :(.

and hey i love the song! :D

have a great day put!

  Putri Ariani

3 Mei 2010 16.18

haha thank you sooo much.
I hope it's not a lie ;p

skinny is better than being fat anyway :)