Happy Sesame Street

do you know that today it's Sesame Street's 40th anniversary?
hehe. it's not important actually, but I feel like everyone should know it :)

I know it when I found this pics on google.

Then I click on that pics and visited the official web of Sesame Street.

and the website is so entertaining for children (from this, you can assume that I'm part of children)
it's colourful and has many games!

Mix and Match Clothes Game

Brushing Teeth Game

Even there's special page that show profile every muppet in Sesame Street.
my favourite is Big Bird! because it's yellow :)

vist them : www.sesamestreet.org

Notes :

tomorrow I'm going to go to school. EC will hold a so-called halloween party.
I know that's very old time. but... yeah. it's okay.
and on Sunday, I'm going to join a Try Out for SIMAK UI.
wish me luck ;)