Happy Burstdaaaaaaay, Me!

Yesterday, August 27 is my daaaay!

I’m very glad knowing that there are so many friends who remember and wish me a bunch of happy birthday! Thank guys, so lucky to have you all :)

This year, I’m not going to celebrate it with any events, because I think, what’s for? I think the birthday is not to be celebrated, but to be evaluated. I’ve lived my live for 19 years and whoaah there are so many mistakes that I’ve done. 19 should mean maturity. And I feel that I’m not into it.

As 19th, I confess that I’m such a spoiled girl. I'm still whinning to my mom, and often act childishly. I hope slowly I can leave that bad attitude, amiin :)

Yesterday, my mom and brother gave me a birthday cake! Yeaaay, have been craving for it! It’s Chocolate Devil from The Harvest. Have you taste the super yummy chocolate sensation on it? You should try one!

Psst, I ask my brother to take this candid, but actually it’s not candid, because I was prepared ;)

Yumm! The taste of the chocolate is very deep and creamy! Can’t get enough for it ! Who wants some?

And now I want to show you the lovely greetings from my friends, via BBM, text, facebook and twitter!

Most of them hope that I can be a success person in the future, and hope that soon I can have a boyfriend! Haha thank you so much for the wishes and prayers, hope that Allah is going to grant it all :)