Possibility in Spain!

Oh my God!
I'm so surprised when I knew that Spain can beat Germany on the semi-finals!
yeaaaaaah! Spain, you rock!

well, yesterday I just arrived at home at 11 pm. I'm so tired but still want to watch Spain's match. my brother said that he's gonna stayed up until 1 am, so I asked him to wake me up when the match has started. but actually, deep inside my heart, I didn't want to watch it because I'm too afraid. I'm scared if Spain lose from Germany! many predictions said that Germany is better than Spain and Germany is gonna win the match.
and me, I'm pessimist too. then directly I updated my fb status which said that it's okay if Spain lose...

I fell asleep and suddenly woken up by my mom. I think the match is just started, until my mom asked me to do the shubuh. oh no! I miss the match! but I just felt nothing. I thought that Germany must be the winner and Spain will going home, I can accept it patiently.
then I went to the bathroom to wudhu and suddenly my dad screamed 'Put, Spain is the winner!'
at first I didn't believe him, because he always on the Germany side and always mocking my Spain. but when I'm out from the bathroom and looked at the TV...
aaaaaaaaaaah I'm so happy :D
alhamdulillah ya Allah!

an hour later, RCTI broadcasted the re-run match and I watched it with smiley face!
oh what a good day :)

thanks to Puyol who scored this one and only goal!

even there are so many critics said that the goal is just a luckiness,
but hey.. remember that luckiness is important too.
well, assumed that Germany is having the bad luck, but Spain still the winner!

it's a prove that nothing is impossible in football ;)

congratulation for Spain, this is their first final on World Cup!
hope they can win from Netherlands!

but this pic disturbs me :(

Paul the Octopus predicted that Netherlands will win the final...
oh my... why do I have to put my trust on this soggy things?
even its track records during the World Cup matches is 100% accurate, but I google it and found out that Paul is not always right. On the World Cup 2006 and Euro 2008 the octopus is false.
well, it's just a prediction anyway and the one who can decided is just God.
nothing is impossible, and Spain has a change and hope!