Last Friday night I had a reunion night with my elementary school!
yeaaaay! finally it could be realized :)

it was located at Taman Kuliner, Kalimalang.
it was held from 5 until 9 pm. oooh how long ;p

actually the entire part of my class is 44 person, but those who attended the reunion is just 20.
but well, at least, we are gathered again!

long tome no see and they did change a lot! but I still can identified them.

let's check out the photos!

with Ira, my best friend in elementary school.
thanks for the ride, ra ;)

we talked about our memories.
how silly we were and many more!
and I enjoy every minute of it :)

the boys all smoke! I hate it -__-
and they did shisha too. but I won't!

I love you all my childhood friend :)
hope we can make some rendezvous again!