Communication with New Friends

Finally have time to blogging! yeaaah!
my team's essay for OKK UI's assignment is almost done. Alhamdulillah!
hope it would be the one of the best essay :)

Actually this story has happened a week ago.
Last Saturday I was having a health test at UI.
there are long queues again, but not as long as the previous registering day.
they're checking my blood, my height and weight (can't believe when UI's staff measuring my height and she told me that I'm just 145cm! that's totally a mistake!!! I'm not that short!), my hospital chart, my eyes and my teeth.

after having that test, me and my new friends which have some major with me, communication, having some 'picnic'. we were having fun there, laughing out loud.
we're just know each other for a while, but they are very friendly and humorous.
I'm involved in the atmosphere, and that's good :)

from left to right :
Manda, Sona, Hafiz, Pus, Salsa, Fike, Me (blue shirt), Uti, Chika, Catia and Reza

the people below is same like the previous one,
but it's plus Awe, the boy who bow above me

All we did is just LAUGH :D

Manda suggested us to give this circle a name. and she called us with Genggong STARA.
a weird name, huh? this name got meaning, but I won't tell you guys about it. it's our secret ;p

I hope this friendship would last!