Yes or Mess

Two days ago I was home alone (again).
and I was boring with my meaningless activities at home.
So I just sat alone in my room doing nothing.
but then my sight went to my wardrobe. hmm there's something I can do with it!
then I looked at my camera. triiing! yeah I have an idea :)

I picked out some clothes in my wardrobe and tried to mixed it up.
actually, I have planned to do it for a month ago, but only now I got the right time.

Well, too shy to show it for you but...hmm there's nothing wrong with it
soooo check it ;)

Really simple look.
Floral dress-Old Jacket jeans-Black Tights-White Sneakers

Black always looks cool.
Animal print shirt-Black cardigan-Black legging-Fake channel bag-White wedges

Classic me and the details of what I wore
Floral dress-Mom's pink blazer-Gold chain belt-Minnie earrings-White wedges

This is my mom's blazer.
I really loooove it. The pattern and color is soo sweet :)

and in the bedroom was in a big mess.

sorry for that silly photos and silly style.
I just wanna playing with my wardrobe :)