T-shirt Project

yesterday was really a fun day to me! why oh why?
check out my post below :)

I went to Vicky's to doing our T-shirt Project.
we have planned to draw t-shirt with our own hand and design.
no need to explain, just check the photos!

This is our tees.
Orange and Pink :)
Vicky bought it for me.
the size is too big for me, but that's okay.
Oversized tees is great!

this is our tools.
it's crayon for fabric.
you can buy it at book store.

this is my sketch drawing.
I just want to practice my hand.
looks ugly rite? haha.

this is Vicky's sketch.
no no, the 'awesome girl' part is just kidding ;)

I'm in loove with my pink tees, so I won't draw on it.
I'm afraid the drawing is not satisfied me.
then I decided to use the white one, my old tees.

behind the scene!

after worrying about the difficulty of my design...
tadaaa! I've finished it well!
as well as my imagination hehe.
but it's not perfect, there's crayon stain near the camera.

my brand's sign ;)

It's Vicky's tees!
during the making of this tees, she kept staring at my shirt.
looks like she's not satisfied with hers.
but heeeey it's your own design, Vi! appreciate it :)

it must be ironed first to make the drawing permanent

Here we are with our own tees!
Vicky prefers to showed off the back side...

BIG thanks to Vicky who asked me to do this fun project :)


  Freedom Borneo

19 Mei 2010 13.43

salam kenal ya dari pendatang baru freedom borneo..

ini link blog aku kalau sempat mampir ya

folow saya, tar saya folow balik OK...

  Putri Ariani

21 Mei 2010 14.19

hai salam kenal juga :)


21 Mei 2010 14.37

itu fabric crayonnya brp put yg gede?

  Putri Ariani

21 Mei 2010 19.45

hm kalo ga salah sih 20ribu ndahoooo.


22 Mei 2010 23.39

beli dimanaaa? gue beli yg isi 5 12rb -___-

  Putri Ariani

23 Mei 2010 20.17

klo gasalah kata vicky di jatinegara. gatau deh. lengkapnya tanya dia aja :)