I've been an unemployed for this month.
errr I have no activity. super booooooring!

so, one thing that cross my mind is being a part-timer!
It's a good right?

Nadya asked me to searching any vacancies on internet.
and we are very excited for this.
it's good for our experience and pocket :)
we're on our way to apply some vacancies.
just wish us luck!

during the searching, me and Nadya was chatting on Facebook.
a little embarrassing moment happened.
it's my stupidity.
I don't know why it happen in me....
I think it's the effect from my 10 hours sitting in front of the computer -___-

see my chat with Nadya this afternoon...

-english subtitle-
Me : Nad, you see below the vacancy...
it's written that the deadline is June 22nd, 2010
is that mean that it was close on June 22nd??
Me : Nad, did you get my latest message?

Nadya : yes, the deadline is June 22nd
we still have time..
Me : hey, it's tomorrow
Me : Oh yeaaaa! haha

Nadya : Put, what's wrong with youuu? err for God's sake!
Me : sorry naaaad
Nadya : you're so shameful, Put! haha
Me : it seems like browsing continually makes my brain dull!

haha. do you get it?

cck cck stupid me!


  Nadya Komanechi

22 Mei 2010 15.00

weeeey ada guee hahaha :D
makanya put jangan lama-lama di depan laptop ntar error =___=


22 Mei 2010 15.06

hey ;)

  Putri Ariani

22 Mei 2010 15.18

nadya : ahaha iya nad ;)
ipah : hey too!