I'm Mommy For Dummy

Have you ever heard about a game named 'Pet Society'.
Yeah, it's on Facebook Application.

I have played it for a years.

Soooo let me introduce my beloved pet to you....


She looks so dumb, that's why I call her Dummy :)

this is the 'old' dummy.
she looks so weird and has no style...
she doesn't even have hair! ;)

Dummy likes to playing guitar
FYI, it's not her own guitar, she went to her friend's house and borrowed it :p

It's Dummy at the present time.
look! she had already have hair! haha.
in this pic, she was fishing.

My favorite portrait of Dummy!

now let's see Dummy's house. It has been renovated two days ago!

1st Floor

Living Room. really love the zebra pattern. it's soo me!

Fishy Room. I love fishing lately

The Cheerful Kitchen

2nd Floor

Blue Bathroom with Lil Ghost on it

Dummy's Pinky Room

Closet and Computer Room

What do you think of it?
I tried so hard to collect coins by planting many seeds, and sold the fruits or visiting friends to kiss or hug them everyday!

So now Dummy is really a rich pet ;)



26 Mei 2010 15.34

Put, ini Pet Society yg di Facebook bukan? punya gue udah lama ga dimainin, abisnya dilalatin masa tubuhnya ckckck haha kasian bgd sih gue :p