Great-duation Day!

Hey all!
I'm sooo excited to tell you about my Graduation Day!

at first, I woke up at 4 am to had breakfast and went to the salon for make up and styling my hair. yeah it was too early but that's okay.
actually, I HATE make up. I don't know why many girls love to apply face powder or eye-shadow and all their stuffs!
I think make up make my face uglier. I just love for being natural.
for hair, I asked the salon staff to make it curly.
errr I'm not satisfied with the salon actually...
but hey! the show must go on!

the Graduation held at Gedung Pewayangan Taman Mini, East Jakarta. it started at 8 am.
when I arrived, I saw all girls were wearing kebaya and all boys were wearing formal suit.
woooow! they all looks so beautiful and handsome.
when I just walk in, my civics teacher called me and told me to came to her when the headmaster read his speech.
well, I just nodded my head with a bit of curiosity.
Before the procession my friends and I took many pics ;)

beautiful, aren't we?

During the event, there's so many performances from the 11th and 10th grade. They did some traditional dances, choir, poetry reading and acoustic.

the ceiling, the parents, Saman dance and the choir.
sorry for the blur photos.
grrr I just know the liability of my cam :(

Then, the headmaster started his speech, I got up from my chair and looked for Bu Anjar, my civics teacher, just like what she had told me to do. In fact, there are 6 students that called by her.
She smiled at us and told us that our score had been chosen as the biggest three from our major! (me from social class)

wooooow! that's shocking me! and it made me speechless for a while...

The vice principal announced the biggest three at the stage, and this is where I had to walk down the red carpet (haha sounds like Oscar!) with my other 5 friends. I'm very proud at the time but very nervous too. Every eyes were staring at us...

Indra is in the 1st rank.
I'm the 2nd, and Kai is the 3rd.

The parents were asked to accompany us.
We received a placard and certificate.

I was so happy, so do my mom and dad.
They looked surprised, even my mom almost cried :')

The Graduation ended with medals giving and taking photos with classmates.

Can you guess where am I?

with my mom and dad :)
my dad's face is not too happy because actually he is in hurry,
he had to continued his work at office.

and taking photos again with lotta friends!

I'm a bit disappointed because my dad is in hurry and forced me to went home..
Actually I want to take many more photos with all my friends ;(

So, this is what I brought home...

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for giving me a bunch of surprising achievement!

I LOVE 71 Senior High School!
I LOVE Ezust (angkatan 2010)!
I will never forget you all in my mind!