Being a Child

I really miss my childhood. I do miss it very very much :'(

Being a child is very delightful. everything seems so good.

I miss my small body. I miss my mom and dad who always hold me.

I miss my childhood friend. They all are pure. They don’t have knife. So they won’t stab me at the back. I miss playing all silly games and ended it with big laugh.

I really wish that I can turn back time, just to feel my childhood again…

photos from here and here



14 Mei 2010 14.41

ada apa sih? fb statusnya begitu, blog lo tulisannya begini. Who's stab you at back?


14 Mei 2010 19.04

sometimes i miss my childhood as well :(



15 Mei 2010 08.56

anyway i love your layout :D

have a great weekend putri ;p

  Putri Ariani

16 Mei 2010 09.45

vicky : engga koook. i'm just make it a bit dramatic ;)

jessica : thanks :)