The Flour Thingy


Actually, last Friday, I attended my friend's brithday party. It's Ani's sweet seventeen birthday.
The dress code is Black and White. It was quite fun. I ate lasagna there.(guilty pleasure!).
I will show you photos of this event, but it's on my friend's camera.
so, maybe next time...

Yesterday, my family had a project. (well, i'm not sure, it can called 'project'...)
My mom, my brother and I want to made pancakes!

The ingredients are:

flour, eggs, sugar, salt, baking powder, milk and melted butter.
the toppings are:
Classic Napoleon ice cream, syrup, and chocochips.
(If I'm not mistaken...)

after wait for the process, we realized that it doesn't looks like pancakes, but Serabi! haha.

Here it is the pics :

The making...

Tadaa! This is the result! haha.

Compare with this one?

ya ya. that's all my weekend.