I'm done packing this stuffs!
Thank you mom, for helping me arrange it all.
I know, it's simple thing and easy, but, I still can't do it by myself! hihi.
now u know how childish I am...

Wanna see what I'm going to bring tomorrow?
here it is...

In the end, I bring 8 t-shirts. I think it's too much, because my friends just bring 5 or 6. but my mom keep telling me, 'prepare for the worst', just in case if my t-shirts are wet or whatever.

This is my travel bag, the black plastic bag above it, contains a small pillow (I'm not sure I want to bring it, but my mom (again) told me that most of my sleep time is spend on bus, so this pillow will bring more convenience! Okay...). and then, that white bag... is my carry-on bag. it contains my personal thing such as wallet and toiletries kit.

hmm, this could be my last entry before I go to Dieng...
but maybe tomorrow in the morning, I will post something.

hmm u know what?
many of my school's friends worry about this trip.

they told me that they are afraid because of the long journey.
and they said they've heard about some prediction that there will be a bus accident, that contain many high school students.
well... I try to keep calm.

Just think positive, and just believe in God. not the prediction.
and I believe God always protect us, if we always pray for it.

sooo pray for me all!