Saturday, I'm going to leave Jakarta...

and say hello to Dieng and Jogja!

it's a trip from school, sooo I'll have fun with all my school's friends!
but, unfortunately... myka, anggita and mira stay at home.
I don't know the reason why don't they come with us...

and, today my plan is... I have to packing all my stuffs!
but, I'm a bit lazy to do it by myself, so I rather wait for my mom to ask me, and then she will help me :)

actually, the school's coordinator tell us not to bring travel bag, their reason is: travel bag is too big and not flexible. they recommend us to bring backpack.

buut, we'll go to many places for 5 days, and I don't think that backpack is enough for my clothes even the big one. soo... i decided to use small travel bag. it's my late uncle's. I'd borrow it before he dead. now I'm confused, how do I return it? mm maybe I'll return it to my aunt.

I think I will bring...

1 carry-on bag (to put my phone, wallet, perfume, and many personal thingy)
8 t-shirts (most of all is white)
1 black jeans
1 black legging
1 sporty trouser
2 sweaters (because Dieng is very very cold)
1 shawl
1 pair of shoes
1 sandal
2 socks
hmm what else?
and the most important is bring many bras and undies! lol.

lucky me, I'm googling about packing tips, and here are the results :

packing tips:

  • The best way to start packing is to make a list of items you will need to take with you
  • Always pack your valuables and medications in your carry on bag
  • Attach a ribbon or another identifying marker so you can easily spot your luggage
  • Don't forget chargers and/or batteries for all the electronic items you take with you.
  • Clothes are less likely to crease if you roll rather than fold them. Roll clothing whenever possible. You'll be surprised how much more you can pack in a single bag.

sources :

I'm ready for packing!